A dream came true when I left for South Sudan in November 2012. The youngest country in the world. Here and on my blog you will read about my time in the country that has again fallen into great turmoil.

the red spot marks Yei, South Sudan


Living in an African country and working with a local organization together towards a better world. Honestly…South Sudan didn’t come to mind when I was asked where I wanted to go. I read more about the country and it’s people, other than the newspapers, and got in touch with with people who live and work there. For about seven years now there is peace between Sudan and South Sudan and on the 9th of July 2011 South Sudan celebrated it’s independence. There still is (economic) turmoil but it is also a country where people are eager to work together towards a new peaceful future and where much work can be done.

I live in the city of Yei, in Southwestern part of South Sudan. In Central Equatoria State. It is a middle sized provincial town near the borders with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Click here to visit Yei on google maps.

Freedom Square Yei