This is somewhere in my first year. The photo was taken in our garden in Cameroon, the country I was born. My parents worked for Boskalis, an international dredging company. Till the age of 10 I lived in Cameroon, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Tunisia. Then my parents decided to stay in the Netherlands as a family. With that came an end to the adventurous years of moving and adjusting to new countries and cultures, getting to know friends and saying goodbye again after a few years.

Now I am 39 years old and still Africa has a special place in my heart. I love to travel, not only far away. To explore, to discover, for the sake of adventure and meeting different people. It makes me realize how great my life is and that being free is something great and precious.

People say I am authentic, driven, contemplative, open and a good listener. That I have a critical attitude and the ability to connect (to) people. I make sculptures, like movies, greatly enjoy spending time with friends. Adding value to the world is important to me. That translates to being involved and going all the way. Which of course has a downside, because when is enough enough?