For the past few years now I am an ambassador for the Maanda Foundation. The foundation aims to increase the perspective of childeren in rural areas in Zambia by enhancing education possibilities. The foundation celebrated her 10th year anniversary in 2017.

It all began in Maanda. As small boys the brothers Brite and Laiven went to school in Maanda, the region of Mapanza. Story has it that the original school in Maanda village was first established by Peter Apuleni, the grandfather of Laiven and Brite Apuleni. As a young man Peter was taught how to read and write by the first missionaries in the area. The school was nothing more than a place of gathering under a big tree, not far from where the buildings of the present school are located.

40 years after Brite and Laiven left the school as childeren the buildings were deteriorating rapidly. The brothers promised to devote their attention to the community they were once part of. Together with the local community they dreamed of bringing sustainable improvements to the school and to the quality of education which it offered, so that the children of Maanda would go to school with pleasure and many would make it to higher education in the city. The school required better facilities for classes and the quality of education needed improvement. The existing school was renovated and expanded. In 2012 they were connected to electricity, there are Zedupads and there is a library. Much has happend over the years and the foundation has also turned its attention to other schools as well.

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